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Zane Tekett leaves Bitfinex due to endless speculation and “conspiracy theories”

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Director of Public Relations and product manager of Bitfinex exchange Zane Tekett has officially pronounced about his departures from the company. His action Tekett explains out of a lot of hearsay and accusations connected to the notorious assault on Bitfinex.

“Crazy conspiracy theory, sneaky men, constant sarcasm”.

On 2 August, a result of a hacker attack Bitfinex Exchange lost 119,756 BTC, which provoked huge stir in cryptocurrency network. After breaking Tekett for several days continuously corresponded with the fraternity and talked about the losses suffered by the concern, and said the other specialties. And the speaker of the exchange leaves the firm, interpreting his departure as many buzz that constantly pursue the rialto after the attack.

“I ventured to vacate by reason of exhausting frantic conspiracy theories, sneaky men and constant sarcasm, poured on the command that has consecrated itself on the formation of Bitcoins and the world’s best merchant platform,” – writes Tekett – “Many animadverters of Bitfinex do not desire to see the robust Bitcoin ecosystem, their wish to raise on the surface all dust and hurt everyone pushing their referral links and doing trolling “.

Bitfinex tries to recover damages

After hacking Bitcoin value had fallen by 22%, but in November, it returned to the original level. Bitfinex offered to its customers the scheme for recovering damages utilizing BFX tokens. Tekett explained that it was the best feasible option, as the company was threatened a liquidation. Former Director of Public Relations Bitfinex says that in order to defray damages to exchange customers, the group operated day and night.

“A couple of weeks the whole command functioned around the clock attempting to detect a solution for compensation to clients their damages and restoration of the site that utilizers were able to withdraw their funds, and did everything possible to remedy the condition”, – noted Tekett.

“If you have BFX tokens, and you would have merchandised them today, you would get returned about 85% of assets. And if you put up in Bitfinex, you would be right now. “

Tekett told that the group was constantly striving to maintain the normal operation of the exchange. He noted that he had never met the command, so devoted itself to the concept the “common vision of Bitcoin has become the mainstream.” Tekett said he was sublime of the fact that the market remained prepotent in USD / BTC market even after the attack.

“Give me another stock exchange in BTC / USD market, the quotidian merchant volume which would reach 297,000 Bitcoins or at least 100,000 Bitcoins”, – he says.

Bitfinex possesses the most part of the market

Despite the problems of recent months; Bitfinex has managed to maintain high trading volumes in the pair USD / BTC. It is strange that Tekett settled to leave right now, because apparently, problems have solved. The concern gradually buys BFX tokens, and recently it has attempted to communicate with the attacker. However, detailed info about the results of the probing and the company’s collaboration with law enforcement authorities are not reported. Perhaps this was one of the causes of buzz as the specific details the concern prefers to remain silent.

According to Teketta, Bitfinex command is still very ardent about Bitcoin, he is assured the exchange “will retain a dominant position on the BTC / USD market.” Recently the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has managed to reach the figure of 32% of the market.

The man, who told to the world about breaking of Bitfinex on 2 August, is not going to quit the cryptocurrency sphere.

“I’ll stay in the Bitcoin area, will attend forums and will gladly aid anyone answering queries about markets and trade in general, do not hesitate”, – he says.

Six months before breaking Zane Tekett in an interview to told about the prospects of the exchange, and it plans to enter the Russian market. Unfortunately, it did not come true – currently Bitfinex is not planning to expand into new markets. And the exchange site was recently blocked by Roskomnadzor.