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Обновления: – the сrypto-assets platform out of compromises

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WAVES – the uncompromising crypto stage for emission, commerce and exchange of assets / own tokens on the blockchain. WAVES command clearly focused on plainness of applying and the large-scalemarket. There is a plan to pass into the fundamental stage for crypto-projects with an open code.
WAVES – is affiliated by the NXT cryptocurrency, designed from the ground, with the target to get a stage for colored coins, as like Ethereum became for creating scripts. The brigade of developers and entrepreneurs, associated with the NXT, applying the experience and the inspection, offers a pliable and reliable stage for colored coins, with a center on crowdfunding, crypto-projects, developments with open code, and communicate with existing payment systems.

At the starting, WAVES will propose a full-scale stage for decentralized crowdfunding, ciphered messages, administration of communities. The easy client as the Chrome-Plugin, as well as a distinct server software for nodes with the full blockchain. The user interface is alike to an ordinary online stores / banks. We are focused on mass inculcation and plainness of applying. Clients would appreciate the plainness of setting, and a presence of a full-scale stage of crowdfunding / decentralized trade directly in the browser.

Key features of WAVES at starting:

★ Emission of custom assets, decentralized commerce and exchange

Colored coins – is the cornerstone of reflection of values on the blockchain. Clients assets on the blockchain could be represented as a share in a crowdfunding scheme, a game token, fiat currency. The bounds of crypto assets applying are limited only by the vision of utilizers, and may extend beyond frames of the moneyed instruments on the blockchain. Clients will be able to issue its proper assets, sell on a decentralized stock exchange and pass to others. As one of the main goals of the project –is the promoting of crowdfunding projects with open code. It can be considered WAVES as a full-blown crypto- Kickstarter. There clients will be able not only to support the project but also to obtain the corresponding crypto-asset and enable to merchandise, transferring the advantages of ownership of the asset to others. The command will be in contact with the regulatory authorities in order to allow a work in major jurisdictions. The succeeding step will be the stock market that will compliance with laws and divers pecuniary instruments of real companies. Decentralized asset / asset trade could be applied for a variety of moneyed instruments and commerce.

★ Fiat assets on the blockchain

WAVE support of assets is linked to principal world currencies. They will be sustained by available pecuniary institutions that will guarantee the market of these assets in accordance with KYC / AML requirements. In resemblance with Ripple-gateways, that’s not a marketing link. It is a full support from the financial companies. In virtue of assets supporting we have an access to a broad audience of Kickstarter that can presently work in a familiar EUR or USD surroundings, without having a deal with cryptocurrencies and their courses.

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★ Cryptocurrency assets

Main cryptocurrencies will be presented as assets in WAVES blockchain too. This wouldl ensure a decentralized trading on BTC-asset bases, that will apparently cryptocurrency plans claim, to start their crowdfunding campaigns on WAVES stage. All principal cryptocurrencies will be supported. Fulfillment of cryptocurrencies assets in WAVES software is grounted on the MGW – approach of SuperNET project, when some autonomous servers supported cryptocurrency offer deposit multi sig-address, and a client obtains the corresponding crypto-asset after a successful deposit, which the user may sell or exchange back to cryptocurrency. These features make the trade “assets for the asset” is possible, that is crucial. Through asset commerce of assets, we have the first full-fledged decentralized stock exchange of shares / crowdfunding stage, associated both with recognized traditional money and cryptocurrency, with a strong emphasis on the monetary component.

★ Resources of community self-organization

It will be fulfilled decentralized votings and chatting. This will assist projects on WAVES-stage to converse with members and determine the extension of members .

★ Plugin system

It will be deviseed a pliable plugin system to optimize ways of platform’s engineering and simplifying the update process. This will work off hard forks and fulfill most new features with the help of plugins.

After running:

★ The standing system

Thestanding system will be set with the help of special asset “karma”. WAVES provides a utter business surroundings and the reputation system – its principal part. This will be the synthesis of indicators grounted on the number of transactions, emission, diverse action on the blockchain and reviews of other users. Such system would be a decentralized analog of KYC rules, a forerunner of the order, which we hope will soon become a staple in the business surroundings.

★ Privacy

It will be set a function to ensure confidentiality, including authorless asset trade. Minus ensuring confidentiality, it will not be possible to repeat the trial of normal stock exchanges with authorless orders.


• 100 millions of tokens
• Algorithm of consensus- POS
• Expandable system of user transactions
• Application System on the blockchain in the form of plugins
• The decentralized standing system

White paper: http://wavesplatform…itepaper_v0.pdf