The Ural State Mining University will conduct a training course for blockchain coders Japanese stock exchanges have merged to the bloсkcain –consortium In Moscow will be held the first Moscow Blockchain Researchers Meetup

UN creates a bloсkchain-project together with EmerGroup and Deeplace

оон блокчейн

The United Nations begins to use blockchain in a common project with Deeplace Emercoin and coordinated by Alex Fork.

 Alternative Financing Laboratory of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP Alternative Financing Lab) is trying a lot of new financial mechanisms in developing countries to improve the efficiency of remittances and the using of UN resources.


One of the pilot projects was the UN management program of a car park in Moldova. The project is implemented by Deeplace Emercoin and coordinated by Alex Fork. More information about the project will be tonight.


Alex Fork said, that the project is being prepared for several months, the work has just begun and consequently there are still a lot of details that need to be solved.


Among other projects of the Alternative Financing Laboratory  – the development of   remittances concept’s evidence in the blockchain. Work is conducted in Serbia by AidTech.


The laboratory cooperates with the European Commission’s Joint Research Center in the search for and funding of new applications for blockchain technology, including outside the financial sector.