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Ukrainian producer of honey started to accept Bitcoin


One of the producers of honey, which is situated in the farm Rakivets, Lviv region started to accept Bitcoin. Now anyone can purchase honey and other based on it products through the online store of the company.

According to Roman Romaniuk, an owner of honey production, producing of honey it’s a family business, with 50 years history.

“Our name is the guarantor of the quality of honey. The idea to sell the honey for Bitcoin came to me on a honey fair, when a customer bought a honey using cryptocurrency. He also said that he is looking forward to the time when Bitcoin will accept everywhere, and people will feel all the advantages and conveniences of using this currency “, – he said.

The businessman also has mentioned that it’s only the first step in promoting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. In the future, manufacturer of the honey products plans to transfer order of products to the site of smart-contracts Ethereum.

Romaniuk also reported that a payment service of the online store is connected with Mycelium Gear widget.


“Service has been tested and works perfectly. Thanks to the team Mycelium for this opportunity, “- said Romaniuk.
In addition, at the beginning of August blockchain was integrated into the activities of peasant farming in Kolionovo, Moscow region. A few days later the head of agribusiness Mikhail Shlyapnikov reported that because of this transition it could halve the retail price for regular customers.