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The Ministry of Finance is opposed the ban of Bitcoin and correcting the bill

It seems that in Russia the issue with a total ban of cryptocurrencies ban is close to finishing. The initiator of the prohibiting bill, a deputy of Minister of Finance Alexei Moiseev, two weeks ago, spoke out against the ban of Bitcoin and said that the bill will be finalized in Autumn.


Today he spoke even more definitely: the Ministry of Finance is against of the introduction of “frontal prohibition” upon Bitcoin, and the relevant bill will be adjusted on the basis of the upcoming series of meetings with experts.


The bill, of course, is ready, but we will not hurry with it, most likely, it will change along the way. Now I want to hold a series of meetings with experts and think once more what we need to do. Probably, according to the development of technologies, to do the frontal ban will not be right. “


“We need optimally limit the freedom for thieves to use Bitcoins in transactions related to illegal transactions and money laundering. We notice from European official sources, that according to their data, 80% of all suspicious transactions related to this type of things, such as racketeering, money laundering and so on – they go through Bitcoin. Naturally, we can not forget about the financing of terrorism that is directly go out from this , “- said Moiseev.


Thus Moiseev said that the bill should provide protection of CBR as an emission center.

“On the other hand, we must ensure the maintenance of the central bank’s position as the only emission center. And, in principle, all the rest (which is not subject to restrictions) – please do what you want. How is to write this (in the law) I’m not sure that what we have written, this is what I wanted. We will think, we will more actively communicate with experts “, – added the Deputy Minister of Finance .


A few days ago it has been informed that during the meeting at the Russian president’s advisor Herman Klimenko, it was decided to establish a working group upon cryptocurrency based on IRI, as well as to test the technologies of blockchain for electronic voting in the  project “Active Citizen”.