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The Bundesbank and the Frankfurt exchange are testing blockchain


The Bundesbank and the Frankfurt exchange are testing blockchain in clearing operations

The central bank of Germany consolidated forces with the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Deutsche Börse) in the formation of a working prototype grounded on blockchain mechanism of clearing and settlement activity.

The developed prototype submits payment processing in the “procurement versus repayment” regime for the digital currency issued by the central bank, regular transfers of digital coins or securities, reports Finextra.


The extra proposed mechanism gives the opportunity to complete the settlement of major corporate deals as payments for coupons and ransom of the securities issued in circulation.


As noted delegates of the Bundesbank and the Frankfurt stock exchange, the prototype is still far from being ready for market utilizing, but employment in this route continues.

“We are doing everything possible to run the potential of blockchain and better grasp and minimize linked risks with this technology”, – noted chief of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Carsten Kengeter.

Recall in the last week, the Bundesbank, with the maintenance of the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management held a buy phentermine four-day seminar on the hereafter of Bitcoin and application of blockchain technologies in finance and other sections of the economy.