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Russian blockchain projection -NSD has been nelected for British edition Futures & Options World Award



The project of the National settlement depository of the Russian Federation upon the elaboration of a model of the electronic voting setup – e-proxy voting grounded on blockchain has been appointed for Futures & Options World (FOW) International Awards in the category Best new technology product.
Together with NSD in the final list of nominees in this category were also included projects of NASDAQ American exchange and Symbiont SETL fintech companies.

The results will be announced at the gala evening in London on 7 December.

NSD has become one of the first pecuniary institutions that created a model of a service grounded on blockchain. The e-voting voting setup grounded on blockchain was been successfully tested for the bondholders’ gathering in April 2016. The product was developed on a base of network apportioned cryptographic NXT stand for communication utilizing ISO 20022 norm.

Earlier, British journal – Banking Technology, specializing in fintech in the banking and pecuniary sector, has nominated Eddie Astanina, chief of NSD for Banking Technology Awards 2016. The bluehost chief of NSD has been nominated for the award in a personal category – Tech Leadership Award; it is awarded to industry figures, who have made the most significant contribution to its development.

FOW International Awards – an annual award, held by one of the authoritative international financial editions – Futures & Options World. The aim of the award is to reveal best solutions and innovation practices in the global derivatives markets in all segments – from inter-dealer brokers to software vendors.

The list of nominees this year included the world’s leading financial institutions as London Exchange, CME Group, Euronext, Bloomberg, Deutsche Böurse, Citi, JP Morgan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, DTCC and others.