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RSK Lab launches the first test smart-contracts network grounded on Bitcoin

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The release of a fresh test network Turmeric was on November 23, it offers to coders and creators of solutions swift decentralized Bitcoin ecosystem designed for testing various tools and applications of smart-contracts. A creator of the net – RSK Lab, also known as Rootstock.

Turmeric: smart-contracts on Bitcoin

Rootstock – Turing-entire platform that works with smart-contract what apply Bitcoin net. Bitcoin miners engaged in mining simultaneously in 2 bloсkchains.

Thereby, it is foolproof and speedy. Per a founder of RSK Lab, director of Koinbanx Gabriel Kurman, a virtual engine RSK may execute deals 6 times quicker Ethereum.

“Turmeric is provided approximately by 5 petahashs of Bitcoin miners, who use plugins of united Meiningen designed for CKPool, Eloipool and Stratum”, – written in the press dedicated to Turmeric.

In fact, Turmeric – the common playground, combining innovating properties as central elements of RSK’s core:
• Turing virtual Smart-contracts engine;
• Bridge, providing translations for Bitcoin net;
• Series of plugins, allowing miners to carry out simultaneous mining in two blockchains;
• Confederation of the main stock exchanges and wallets, which provides complementary protection for networks and options.

Besides, RSK virtual engine is consonant with Ethereum. Per to a press “Virtual engine of RSK is reconcilable with Solidity’s compiler, Ethereum coders could safely move to anyRSK apps “.

Ergo, Turmeric noticeably simplifies the formation of smart-contracts for expanding the admission to fiscal services, Internet of things, various apps. Turmeric network will be beneficial for crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, and microfinance proposals, ensuring total transmittance, noted Kurman.

Associated Mining without harm to Bitcoin

To simplify the merged mining, RSK has produced open-source plugins for mining pools as Ckpool, Eloipool, Coiniumserv and Slushpool.

In the cause of creating the plugins, RSK command conducted a comparative analysis of software for mining pools. Founder of RSK Lab Sergio Lerner said that currently, we could be completely sure the merged mining did not manipulate the operation of Bitcoin mining.

A considerable numeric of utilizers have afore tested the associated mining with RSK.

“At present, the merged mining of RSK is testing by utilizers – 30% of the power of Bitcoin net, diverse 40% have conveyed their backing, desire to initiate it until the end of the year”, – stated in the press.

The next step – the blast-off of Ginger

RSK command is going to launch Ginger in spring 2017 – the option of RSK platform. Per to Kurman, Ginger will be commercial net with a free admission.

RSK plans to cover 50% of the mondial Bitcoin mining. Besides, Ginger will comprise about 300 nodes with programmed prizes.

Fee for storage and a sleepy regime

Besides, RSK adds such innovative and significant features of safety as the minimum price for a “fuel”, a rental of storage and a “sleepy regime”.

RSK – the platform gets a rental store. This attribute permits a utilizer to form an account or contracts that will not allow him always utilize the repository. To precede keeping, more utile should disburse a moderate sum of “fuel”. Or the storage’s substance will vanish. This feature aids, for example, to get rid of spam.

For insurance, if the utilizer loses to disburse a rental on schedule, it will operate in a sleepy regime of a contract.

Increased safeness with the Confederation of RSK

To supplementary enhance the safeness of the smart-contracts, RSK has generated the Confederation. Some principal cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets were interested to engage the Confederation.

To federation’s partners will get additional options, as breakpoints of outer safeness, management, immediate liquidity, multi signatures and oracle’s options.

Ambassadors Program

An innovation from RSK – Ambassadors Program, to contest in it invited representatives of Bitcoin commune. Ambassadors Program is a mondial net of adepts in the field of smart-contracts in which members could communicate vary concepts and elaborate fresh projections.

One of the main its targets – to inform all participants of Bitcoin commune regarding the existence of Bitcoin blockchain smart-contracts, the promotion of scenarios of smart-contracts applying.

The release of Turmeric – a very substantial step of RSK to unite blockchain ecosystem and fulfillment of overtures to promote Bitcoin and its total capacity. As a Kurman says:

“Smart-contracts stay the kids operating in a shed on the same level with the big banks”.