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QIWI gets in R3 Consortium

  киви насдак

QIWI, international payment service has got in R3 Blockchain Consortium to explore the potential applying of blockchain technology in the financial markets. More than the world’s 50 largest financial corporations became participants of the international R3 Consortium to create new global financial-generation technologies based on the distributed registries technology.
“QIWI is directly taking part in the study and examining ideas based on blockchain plans, which could be used on its payment market. We guess that schemes based on blockchain, which we are operating on presently, could also be utilized on one of R3 platforms, and have a splendid chance to be approved by the regulators, “- declared Sergey Solonin, CEO of QIWI.

According to him, Qiwi is running closely with the state governors and financial institutions and is in the process of international alliance.

“IT- infrastructure is our core biz. The distributed registries technology will allow optimizing it. Together with members of R3, our company will explore blockchain’s opportunities with the aim to form the future of the payments and transactions system, “- said Solonin.

“Entering the R3, we get the understanding of what is happening in the world on the part of the blockchain development in the banking sphere, as well as the opportunity to work on those protocols, which are created by the Consortium.”

“Joining Qiwi R3 is the next stage for the Consortium. We look at Eastern Europe as a key area, which will contribute to expanding the network of Consortium’s participants to proceed development of truly global projects in the key of innovative blockchain technology”, – said David Rutter, CEO of R3.

Solonin believes that it is important for the Russian fintech to be in the international environment, especially now, when “we see that debates about blockchain in Russia have become more substantive and constructive.”

“On the one hand, Russia is trying to keep identity and security of its perimeter – and it is a quite normal desire. But on the other hand, we can not afford to remain outside processes and developments that are taking place on the world stage.

Blockchain – this is one of the most advanced technologies of the last time with enormous opportunities for many spheres of activity. We certainly need to be aware of everything that is related to innovation in this field, “- said executive director of QIWI.