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RSK Lab launches the first test smart-contracts network grounded on Bitcoin

The release of a fresh test network Turmeric was on November 23, it offers to coders and creators of solutions swift decentralized Bitcoin ecosystem designed for testing various tools and applications of smart-contracts. A creator of the net – RSK Lab, also known as Rootstock. Turmeric: smart-contracts on Bitcoin Rootstock – Turing-entire platform that works […]

A financier from Ural launches in Singapore a payment system based on blockchain

A former banker Vladimir Frolov, from Yekaterinburg, known as the founder and the leader of a number of regional banks, is working on a payment system based on blockchain technology. On his Facebook page, he said that his project Copernicus Gold will appear on the market in the test mode before the end of the […]

The creator of YotaPhone Vladislav Martynov invests in a platform for professionals of blockchain

Russian businessman and one of the founders of Yota Devices, Vladislav Martynov, has invested in a platform to bring together specialists of the blockchain field.  Together with businessmen Dmitry Buterin and Amir Rosica (Ameer Rosic), Vladislav Martynov has invested in the creation of a global social BlockGeeks platform that will bring together professionals of the […]

Privacy of Bitcoin plastic money – Figment or Actuality?

One of the predominant pluses of applying Bitcoin as compared to conventional modes of payments is it’s confidentiality. When a Bitcoin transference is sent, its record becomes standing, and open in blockchain, but not linked to any concrete person. One of the essential posers of applying Bitcoin is a confined number of vendors and services […]

Сryptocurrency Exchange

  Let’s consider an important theme ” Cryptocurrency exchange “. Why is it so important? Because of it, our income depends on. If you know where you can commit the best cryptocurrency exchange – so you know where you could profitably buy or sell. Thereby, you will save additional money. Or for instance, if you […] – the сrypto-assets platform out of compromises

Official website: ICO website: WAVES – the uncompromising crypto stage for emission, commerce and exchange of assets / own tokens on the blockchain. WAVES command clearly focused on plainness of applying and the large-scalemarket. There is a plan to pass into the fundamental stage for crypto-projects with an open code. WAVES – is […]