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In Yekaterinburg, selling an apartment for Bitcoin

екатеринбург 1

On one of the Russian sites for the sale of real estate, published a proposal to sell the apartment for Bitcoins. The cost of a one-room apartment, located on the Aviation Street, Ap.61 / 1, is 77 Bitcoins. The description says that the landlord can accept rubles for payment too.


“The apartment itself is located in a brick house built in 2006 with a closed area, with its private parking, located in the central part of the city. It is on the first high floor with a large balcony and two windows that look out to the east. The square of the flat: 36 sq.m, a 20 sq.m. room, a large kitchen 9 sq.m. and a 5 sq.m. bathroom “, – printed in the ad.


Earlier, Mikhail Gzovskii a resident of Yekaterinburg announced an online auction for the sale of his car «Mercedes-Benz». The initial rate was one Bitcoin, an auction step – 0,01 BTC. The Bitcoin admission was due, mainly, to the disbelief of the Russian currency and “events occurring in the country.”


According to Bitcoin enthusiast, for him is not important the amount that he will gain in the auction, but the fact of the transaction using Bitcoins.