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In Russian, it is continues blocking cryptocurrency sites


Last summer was marked with a significant improvement regard to the Russian authorities attitude upon to cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. After the recent positive statements of representatives of many agencies, transposition and processing of the Ministry of Finance’s the cryptocurrency bill, conferences and “round tables” at a high level, finally, creation of several working groups, we have already started to think that the time of frenzied bans is passed.

However, some zealous employees still continue to believe that “Bitcoin is prohibited in the Russian Federation” and apply to courts with claims for blocking cryptocurrencies sites. And judges, without thinking twice, and not trying to find accurate information, make decisions about blocking.

“The Cultural Capital” let down

Last “lightning” struck in St. Petersburg July 18, 2016, about consequences became known only the day before yesterday. According to the claim of the prosecutor of the Vyborg District “in the interests of an indefinite number of people,” the Vyborg district court of St. Petersburg was made a decision about blocking the information resource about cryptocurrencies.

According to the court’s website, the lawsuit was filed on 23 June and the decision under the number № 2-10119 / 2016 was issued on July 18. Sept. 1 the hosting provider, on which was placed, received a notice from Roskomnadzor about inclusionon the site in the “UNIFIED REGISTER of the domain names, website references
and network addresses that allow identifying websites containing information
circulation of which is forbidden in the Russian Federation “. According to this basis, the hoster stoped the site at the night of 2 to 3 September.

Site’s owners had to urgently change the host then register a “mirror” domain Currently, both domains are available, and the address of does not appear in the banned list on the Roskomnadzor registry site.

Owners of the site wrote a statement to the prosecutor’s office of St. Petersburg and to the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation. However, it usually takes several months to challenge the already pronounced condemnation.

The first round of the fight for the Bitcoin in Russia

Recall that in January 2015, based on the resolution of the Nevyanskogo city tribunal of Sverdlovsk region from 09.30.2014, Roskomnadzor blocked access to 7 websites about cryptocurrencies, including our resouse, which at that time was located on domain.

Among 7 stopped resources selected on the ground of an unknown mark, just two appealed against the unlawful resolution in a higher court – nad its owner Ivan Tikhonov and represented by LLC “Smiles”.

Counter-claim with the support of the juristical firm “Tolkachev and Partners” was successful. May 15, 2015, the Judicial division of the Sverdlovsk Regional Court upon the appeal to revoke the resolution of Nevyansky City Court about blocking the websites which contained info about cryptocurrencies and acceptance this information as prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation, issued a decision to cancel the resolution of the Nevyansky city tribunal, and cryptocurrency resources blocking in January 2015 is admitted as illicit.

The Regional Court found that the info about cryptocurrencies in Russia could not be considered as prohibited, as there are no administrative or criminal acts against cryptocurrencies that prohibite transactions with them on the territory of the Russian Federation, and therefore the information on the sites can not be attributed to the ban. The Judicial division decided that in this case, there is a dispute about the law, which precludes an examination this case under the rules of special proceedings.

It was unlock in June. However, immediately after blocking moved to domain, where we are now.

The tendency or incompetence?

Several tens of cryptocurrency specialized resources are working in Russian, articles about them are placed in many media. Among them are such popular publications as TASS, RIA “Novosti” RBC, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “Vedomosti,” “Kommersant”, “Echo of Moscow” and many others. Why the prosecutor’s office employee was not pleased with – is unknown. The decision was about blocking the whole site, not any individual pages, that eliminates the possibility of a prohibited info in one or more articles.

To eliminate discrepancies, we turn to the outright description of the forbidden info, which figured in the judgment:

“Contains info about the” e-currency “Bitcoin (Bitcoin), is a virtual means of payment and savings, is recognized prohibited in the Russian Federation.”

From this it follows that the author of the claim from the prosecutor’s office, the judge of the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg court, handed down the verdict, did not possess relevant information and did not examine the issue. The info about cryptocurrencies are located on search systems and dozens, or more than hundreds of media can be found in a few clicks. But the information that “Bitcoin is banned in Russia” could no be find, perhaps, only in separate articles of incompetent journalists and other “yellow press”.To find the articles of laws that prohibit transactions with cryptocurrency in Russia, and even more so – arrangement of information about them on the Internet – is still not possible to anyone, even to the most principled opponents of cryptocurrencies. It turns out that judges and prosecutors in this case is not guided by laws, but by dubious information from the Internet.

Of course, the story does not end there and the owners of will get the abolition of unlawful lockout, with the support of the Russian cryptocurrency community, which continues to grow. And the most important task of the community that has been repeatedly confirmed, is the most active education and promotion of reliable information about cryptocurrencies. In particular, among the employees of law enforcement agencies to fully eliminate such misunderstandings in future.