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In Belarus, offered to utilize blockchain in e-government


Belarusian Institute of reorganization and public administration converting (Bipart) together with the educational and research institution “Centre for Public Management Research” SIMP”, announced a report, in which described the applying of blockchain technology in e-government of Belarus.

Pursuant to the report, presently in Belarus, there has been significant progress in the development of infrastructure and e-government services. Also, it is continue developing research in the field of the blockchain. Bipart experts recommend to utilize this technology at the realm level and cite as an example the applying of blockchain in adjacent countries (Russia, Ukraine, Estonia and Georgia), wherein various degrees, blockchain applied in banking sector, smart contracts, enrollment of rights to real estate, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), as well as electronic auctions and voting.

The implantation of e-government blockchain-based solutions would lead to increase the potency of public operation, reduce transaction charges and make the intercommunionwith public authorities more elementary, prompt, comfortable and efficient.

The report says: “As a outcome of all admin procedure in practice boils down to making a record in a particular case, reflecting civil condition, property rights, lustiness and so on, blockchain is seemed both exceptional and multipurpose technology to improve or even automate any admin procedure and increase the efficacy and lucidity of e-government. “

Registration of rights to immovable property in Belarus

In Belarus, the register of immovable property, rights, and deals with it is one of the key state info resources. This means that the info contained in the register is considered to be the only true and is applied in other state infom resources.

The Real Estate Registry is centralized and managed by a single organization. Working with it is quite costly and difficult. To oversimplify this act, Bipart recommend the applying of blockchain technology, by means of which was signed between a buyer and a seller of a contract is recorded in the distributed registry, and other participants of the transaction (a state , a notary) can follow the process and the fulfillment of treaty provisions.

A similar system is proposed to be used for the register of land cost.

“In general, the insertion of the e-government system solutions based on blockchain technology will lead to greater efficacy of public administration, diminution of transaction costs, will make interaction with public authorities more common, prompt, comfortable and efficient”, – stated in the concluding part of the report.