The Ural State Mining University will conduct a training course for blockchain coders Japanese stock exchanges have merged to the bloсkcain –consortium In Moscow will be held the first Moscow Blockchain Researchers Meetup


The Ural State Mining University will conduct a training course for blockchain coders

On 17 and 18 December will be held a training course “Blockchain, programming of smart- contracts”, organized by the Ural State Mining University and the blockchain-association from Yekaterinburg. The course will be led by the founder of the cryptonomica project, the first corporation with legal cryptoshares –, partner of the law firm “Ageev and […]

Japanese stock exchanges have merged to the bloсkcain –consortium

Delegates of the new consortium and IBM Japan will conduct tests of pilot solutions grounded on Hyperledger development. About it informed Finance Magnates. The consortium included such exchanges as Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE) and Japanese Clearing Corporation (JSCC). In the end of last year, Japanese exchanges created the inside research command […]

In Moscow will be held the first Moscow Blockchain Researchers Meetup

In Moscow will be held the first Moscow Blockchain Researchers Meetup On 8 December, in Moscow Digital October business center will be held the session of coders in the scope of blockchain, cryptography, and p2p-systems. Alexander Ivanov chief of Waves has written about it on Facebook. The spokespersons at the event, which will be in […]

Russian blockchain projection -NSD has been nelected for British edition Futures & Options World Award

  The project of the National settlement depository of the Russian Federation upon the elaboration of a model of the electronic voting setup – e-proxy voting grounded on blockchain has been appointed for Futures & Options World (FOW) International Awards in the category Best new technology product. Together with NSD in the final list of […]

The Bundesbank and the Frankfurt exchange are testing blockchain

   The Bundesbank and the Frankfurt exchange are testing blockchain in clearing operations The central bank of Germany consolidated forces with the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Deutsche Börse) in the formation of a working prototype grounded on blockchain mechanism of clearing and settlement activity. The developed prototype submits payment processing in the “procurement versus repayment” regime […]

RSK Lab launches the first test smart-contracts network grounded on Bitcoin

The release of a fresh test network Turmeric was on November 23, it offers to coders and creators of solutions swift decentralized Bitcoin ecosystem designed for testing various tools and applications of smart-contracts. A creator of the net – RSK Lab, also known as Rootstock. Turmeric: smart-contracts on Bitcoin Rootstock – Turing-entire platform that works […]

Zane Tekett leaves Bitfinex due to endless speculation and “conspiracy theories”

Director of Public Relations and product manager of Bitfinex exchange Zane Tekett has officially pronounced about his departures from the company. His action Tekett explains out of a lot of hearsay and accusations connected to the notorious assault on Bitfinex. “Crazy conspiracy theory, sneaky men, constant sarcasm”. On 2 August, a result of a hacker […]

Alexei Kudrin: blockchain could replace the state bureaucracy

At the All-Russian Civic Forum, which was held on November 19 in Moscow, chief of the Center for Strategic Research and the Committee of Civil Initiatives Alexei Kudrin noted that subsequently blockchain technology will replace a number of state functions. “I suppose that new technology will replace many of the functions, including public institutions. For […]

Sberbank is ready for a mass introduction of blockchain technology

Sberbank is ready for a mass introduction of blockchain technology Chief operating director of Sberbank, Lev Khasis announced in an interview to Tass news agency that he expects a mass introduction of blockchain in the near future.   He said that until quite recently he was a skeptic towards rapid deployment of the blockchain technology, […]

The cryptocurrency battle among start-ups will be held in Kiev

     64th Battle will take place among start-ups on November 17 in Kiev; organizers of the event are, IDF Reforms Lab, and Startup.Network investment platform. The participants of the event could become projects from such areas as blockchain, cryptocurrency, chatbot and artificial intelligence. The winning projects will be determined by the invited experts […]

The NBU: before talking seriously about a blockchain implementation a lot of should be tested

    The National Bank of Ukraine believes it stays on a fairly high level of development in terms of payments and technology development, but before start to integrate blockchain technology, a lot of remains to be verified. Such opinion expressed Head of the Department of retail payments at the NBU Sergei Shatsky in the interview […]

Prime Minister of Russian Federation made an assumption of SWIFT substitution on blockchain

Prime Minister of Russian Federation made an assumption of SWIFT substitution on blockchain Dmitry Medvedev, a Prime Minister of Russian Federation admitted in an interview to China Central Television that it’s possible to replace the existing regulatory system to innovative financial technologies in the near future.   He made a statement that if these technologies […]

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Moscow

  Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference will discuss a use of blockchain technology in finance and banking Financial instruments based on blockchain technology, the experience of creating the first autonomous decentralized institutions, regulatory issues and digital currencies courses – these and other topics will be discussed on the second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Moscow, November […]

Another Ukrainian People’s deputy has declared Bitcoin

Another Ukrainian People’s deputy in his e-declarations has pointed Bitcoins as belonging to him assets. This was a chairman of the Internet Party of Ukraine Dmitry Golubov.   As stated in Golubov’s declaration, he owns 4376 Bitcoin (75.969 million hryvnias).He acquired it on 22 November 2012. According to Bitcoincharts, on the day of purchase by […]

Bitcoin has bypassed Ukrainian hryvnia by market capitalization

Against the background, during the last few weeks, Bitcoin’s growth rate, and the market capitalization of cryptocurrency increased. At the same time, according to the available data, it has already exceeded the capitalization of the Ukrainian hryvnia. The market capitalization today, on 31 Oct., is $ 11.185 billion. A few days ago, the figure was […]

The Ukrainian People’s Deputy has declared his savings in Bitcoins

  A people’s deputy Alexei Mushaki from The Petro Poroshenko Block in the electronic declaration among other savings has pointed 465 Bitcoins. According to the current exchange rate is about 8 million hryvnia.   Still, he is the one Ukrainian delegate who has pointed his savings in cryptocurrency. But judging by the fact that earlier […]

A financier from Ural launches in Singapore a payment system based on blockchain

A former banker Vladimir Frolov, from Yekaterinburg, known as the founder and the leader of a number of regional banks, is working on a payment system based on blockchain technology. On his Facebook page, he said that his project Copernicus Gold will appear on the market in the test mode before the end of the […]

Artem Tolkachev and Marina Guryeva told about the plans of the Russian Blockchain community

Artem Tolkachev was elected as a chairman of the Russian Blockchain community in June 2016. Also, he is the managing partner of law firm “Tolkachev and Partners”, an expert in the field of legal crypto technology and cryptocurrencies regulation.   Artem talked about his future plans as a chairman of the Russian Blockchain community. Recently […]

A coffee house near the head office of Sberbank accepts Bitcoins

There on, the Ministry of Finance rejected the idea of cryptocurrencies prosecution; business begins to make tentative steps to adopt them into circulation. And these attempts receive the most unexpected forms.   The Exchanger of Bitcoins on Arbat street in the heart of Moscow, raised a lot of noise. Now, in the capital of Russia, […]

Gref called on the authorities not to interfere in the development of blockchain technology

  German Gref, the head of Sberbank called on the authorities not to hinder the development of blockchain technology. He stated this during the Moscow Financial Forum.   “In my view, it is critical to define the role and place of the state. And even better to stimulate, at least do not interfere, do not […]

The project – insurance of flights delays took the first place on the Blockchain-Hackathon in Kiev

25 September in Kiev, determined the winners of the Ukrainian-Blockchain Hackathon. The first place was taken by L1H team under the leadership of Vladimir Dubinin from the Distributed Lab, with a project that allows you to insure flights from delays.   The second place went to the developer Andrew Sobol with Cryptocurrency Index project, which […]

St. Petersburg developer plans to accept Bitcoins

The developer of suburban areas GC “FACT” does not exclude the possibility of accepting payment in Bitcoins. This was announced by Sergey Baluev the head of the sales department .   ” It has been already several times when our customers asked to accept Bitcoin payments. And we thought – why not? As soon as […]

Database BitcoinTalk put up for sale for 1 Bitcoin

The file, which offer users to buy a dark web, contains information about 514,408 accounts The user under the nickname DoubleFlag put up for sale in  dark web the database data of that has been stolen by hackers. Earlier, the same man offered to all who wish to buy, 68 million compromised passwords of Dropbox. […]

In Russian, it is continues blocking cryptocurrency sites

    Last summer was marked with a significant improvement regard to the Russian authorities attitude upon to cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. After the recent positive statements of representatives of many agencies, transposition and processing of the Ministry of Finance’s the cryptocurrency bill, conferences and “round tables” at a high level, finally, creation of several working […]

Geo cadastre of Ukraine is testing the electronic auction system

    Geo cadastre of Ukraine is testing the electronic auction system. On 2th September in Odessa, the electronic system of land auctions was presented, based on blockchain technology that allows trading in parallel with conventional auctions.   The presentation was organized by the geodesy cartography and cadastre State Service of Ukraine and developers of […]