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Gref called on the authorities not to interfere in the development of blockchain technology


German Gref, the head of Sberbank called on the authorities not to hinder the development of blockchain technology. He stated this during the Moscow Financial Forum.


“In my view, it is critical to define the role and place of the state. And even better to stimulate, at least do not interfere, do not prohibit the first stage of the development of absolutely disruptive technologies, breakthrough technologies, as like blockchain technology is », – he said.


According to him, blockchain technology in the first phase of development may evolve from  virtual currencies. Subsequently, it can be integrated into various spheres, including in the financial sector.


«Blockchain technology started with virtual currencies. And, unfortunately, now on virtual currency for some reason the state has a huge allergy – we are beginning to forbid “, – Gref recalled.


“But if in the first step  put a barrier, we can lose the second, the third stage. We will all the time catch up, “- concluded Gref.