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Dmitry Marinichev accept donations in Bitcoins for his election campaign



The Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev on the annual conference of CIF 3 (Crypto Install Fest), on 20 August, said that he was going to accept donations in Bitcoins for his election campaign to the State Duma.

CIF – this conference, during which IT-specialists, lawyers, and community leaders discuss the current situation about freedom of speech and censorship on the Internet. In particular, issues relating to government regulation of the Internet, anonymity, and protection of personal data, as well as new technologies of decentralization.

Dmitry Marinichev began his speech on the program “IT specialist’s campaign to the governance with common sense” with the words about the Internet Protection from legal attacks. Then he expressed his intention to accept donations in Bitcoins during his election campaign to the State Duma.

Dmitry Marinichev is the Russian businessman, the founder of the integrator system Radius Group and the operator of data center RadiusHost, the initiator of the idea of the cyberspace law (the law that will allow the emergence of robots and unmanned vehicles).

Marinichev is the Internet Ombudsman at the President of Russia since 2014. He is elected to the State Duma of Russia from Boris Titov’s “The Party of Growth” and included in its federal political council.

Remind that Boris Titov, the head of “the Party of Growth,” and the Presidential Commission for Entrepreneurs Rights, is going to accept donations from Russian citizens in cryptocurrency. He said that the account in Bitcoins had been opened.

Marinichev often expressed his negative attitude about the legislative projects for a tighter control over the Internet: “You have to understand that the state will protect the usual model in which we are now,” – he said at a conference Ethereum Russia 2016.

“Soon, it will no need in most of the financial institutions in our country. Moreover, democracy as a system of delegating power will not be too. All processes will be managed similarly as the management of Bitcoin – by a community. This community will make decisions appropriate to society and contribute to its economy some changes, “- said Marinichev.

Speaking at a conference “Prospects of introduction and development the blockchain technology in Russia ” in June, Marinichev said that the prohibition of Bitcoin cryptocurrency circulation and the state intervention in the use of the blockchain is meaningless.

“To prohibit the use of Bitcoins at the state level, as is done in Russia, – it’s nonsense. I can negotiate with any citizen of our or other countries to sell my apartment for ten kisses, and no one will prohibit me to use this “cryptocurrency”. It will definitely be confirmed by currency “, – he said.

Adopted in July, Yarova’s “anti-terrorism package of laws” requires payment systems to issue encryption keys at the request of law enforcement. According to the Internet Ombudsman, it will lead to the discrediting of payment systems, followed by the collapse of law.