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Database BitcoinTalk put up for sale for 1 Bitcoin


The file, which offer users to buy a dark web, contains information about 514,408 accounts The user under the nickname DoubleFlag put up for sale in  dark web the database data of that has been stolen by hackers. Earlier, the same man offered to all who wish to buy, 68 million compromised passwords of Dropbox. forum was attacked in May 2015, but its database appeared online a few days ago, Hackread writes. The administrator of Theymos forum after breaking noted that cyber criminals could steal data about passwords, personal messages, and email address. These fears were confirmed – it is known that the published database contains the user names, their secret questions, and answers, information about the dates of birth and other personal information.


DoubleFlag was the first who copied themselves the hackers published database, and now is planning to sell it for one Bitcoin ($ 614.67 at the time of publication). The file is put up for sale, contains information about 514,408 accounts. Passwords in the  database are encrypted  – 469,540 using the algorithm SHA-256  and 44 868 using SMF algorithm.


Interestingly that remaining 91% passwords of users are stored using sha256crypt – a method of storing passwords of LeakedSource portal, publishing stolen information, defines as “far surpassing those methods that are used by most other sites.” LeakedSource in total cracked  30,389 passwords.


Earlier this year, hackers stole 427 million of MySpace users passwords and sold them on the same site in dark web. In May 2015 for sale was exposed usernames and passwords of 117 million LinkedIn users and 33 million Twitter users.


In mid-August, a group of hackers known as Shadow Brokers stated that sells tools of cyber-surveillance from the arsenal of the US special services for a million Bitcoins.