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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Moscow


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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference will discuss a use of blockchain technology in finance and banking

Financial instruments based on blockchain technology, the experience of creating the first autonomous decentralized institutions, regulatory issues and digital currencies courses – these and other topics will be discussed on the second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Moscow, November 10 this year.

After Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in April, in Russia has generated a strong demand for blockchain technology. This event conducted to exchange experiences and new ideas.

The forthcoming conference will be divided in two streams: for financiers and for entrepreneurs.

A stream for financiers

A stream for financiers will be devoted to discussion of the using the blockchain technology in banking and to preparing for a bill of regulation and creation of russian cryptocurrency blockchain consortium.

Elena Frolovicheva, a managing director of the Center for Technological Innovation in Sberbank will describe in detail about the projects of the Sberbank and about their implementation experience. The name of her report is “Using blockchain technologies in the banking system of Russia: a view of the market leader.”

It should to mention that Sberbank has joined to the international project HyperLedger and is preparing the launch trade finance platform on blockchain. Also, they want to move the internal workflow and customer service in most issues on this new technology.

Constantine Goldstein, a technical evangelist of Microsoft will tell to the participants of in his theme conference “Blockchain as a new wave of technological development. Turning words into code” about the global corporations look on this technology and about the scenarios of its use in the business.

He believes that a distributed registry technology will become one of the incentives for the innovations, because blockchain technology changes the business model, increases it efficiency, eliminates the middlemen and reduces the fraud.

A stream for entrepreneurs

A stream for entrepreneurs will address the issues of using technology in the telecommunications industry, insurance, notaries, Internet of things and asset management.

Alex Fork, a board member of Blockchain Community and founder of Future Fintech will present these subjects. Previously announced, moderator of a stream for entrepreneurs Dmitry Machihin, will not participate in the forum.

Another speaker will be a professor of the Department of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics MGIMO (Moscow State Institute of International Relations), Elena Sidorenko. She will tell about the prospects of legislation improvement in cryptocurrency field.


Also, among the speakers and participants of the conference will attend a financial analyst from Wall Street and the former vice-president of JPMorgan Chase Tone Weiss, a head of innovation in HSE Marina Guryev, a chairman of Blockchain Community Artem Tolkachev, a director of marketing in Bitkan Daria Petrova, a director of cryptotehnology development in QIWI Alexey Arkhipov.

In addition, the conference will be attended by IBM, BitFury Group, Emercoin, Lisk, HashCoins, Genesis Mining, Cyber.Fund, Waves, and other blockchain projects.
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia will be held on November, 10 in Digital October (Moscow, Bersenevskaya naberezhnaya, 6/ str.3).

To see the event program and a complete list of the invited speakers is possible on the official website of the conference.