The Ural State Mining University will conduct a training course for blockchain coders Japanese stock exchanges have merged to the bloсkcain –consortium In Moscow will be held the first Moscow Blockchain Researchers Meetup

Artem Tolkachev and Marina Guryeva told about the plans of the Russian Blockchain community


Artem Tolkachev was elected as a chairman of the Russian Blockchain community in June 2016. Also, he is the managing partner of law firm “Tolkachev and Partners”, an expert in the field of legal crypto technology and cryptocurrencies regulation.


Artem talked about his future plans as a chairman of the Russian Blockchain community.

Recently the company “Tolkachev and partners” moved to Deloitte, where we held the accompaniment of technological projects and actively promote all that is connected with cryptocurrencies and crypto technology. Deloitte is increasingly involved in this topic and has great competence and expertise.


Our team also operates in Kazakhstan, with one of the largest banks in the application of blockchain technology. Interest is large enough and we’re trying to help in the field of our own competence.


Artem said that he saw quite a lot of interest from some banks, and not only in Kazakhstan but across the whole CIS. Kazakhstan is just trying to quickly understand what’s going on.


Plans of Blockchain community


Blockchain community plans to hold a general meeting to determine the main directions of development for the next year and see what to do, where to go, what the goals and how they are going to implement.


Not so long ago in the Russian presidential administration held a meeting dedicated to  cryptocurrency blockchain technology issues. The event was initiated by the Department of Information Technologies of Moscow. The Russian Blockchain community has recently advised the Department about the introduction blockchain technology in the voting system. It was decided to establish a working group within the Institute of the Internet development and according to their leaders, this issue should be discussed in the near future. 


Also recently the Moscow Finance Forum has passed, on which discussed various important issues, in the short agenda – is creating a working Group upon blockchain technologies.


Recall, the Blockchain community was established in 2013 and it is a permanent advisory organization to address issues of the blockchain technology development. The main objective is to consolidate the views of the community and represent the interests of the community.