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Another Ukrainian People’s deputy has declared Bitcoin


Another Ukrainian People’s deputy in his e-declarations has pointed Bitcoins as belonging to him assets. This was a chairman of the Internet Party of Ukraine Dmitry Golubov.


As stated in Golubov’s declaration, he owns 4376 Bitcoin (75.969 million hryvnias).He acquired it on 22 November 2012.

According to Bitcoincharts, on the day of purchase by Golubov the specified sum, the average price of Bitcoin was $ 11.81, he had to pay for it a little more than $ 50 000. To date, the market value of Bitcoins belonging to him is estimated at about $ 3 million.


The Internet Party of Ukraine was established in 2007 in Odessa. Two years later, deputy of Dmitry Golubov become well-known character named Darth Vader. According to various sources, for many years the head of the party was accompanied by scandals, some of them almost led him to prison. However, in 2014 he was elected to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.


The first Ukrainian People’s Deputy, who had declared Bitcoin, was the representative of BPP Alex Mushak. In his declaration, however, contains more frugal sum – 465 BTC.


The electronic declaration system was introduced in Ukraine in the framework of the law “On Prevention of Corruption” from 1 September. It is intended to show the public the info about the property, income, expenses and financial liabilities nearly 50 thousand high-ranking officials across the country.