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A coffee house near the head office of Sberbank accepts Bitcoins


There on, the Ministry of Finance rejected the idea of cryptocurrencies prosecution; business begins to make tentative steps to adopt them into circulation. And these attempts receive the most unexpected forms.


The Exchanger of Bitcoins on Arbat street in the heart of Moscow, raised a lot of noise. Now, in the capital of Russia, there is an another point of cryptocurrencies reception .


According to Bloomberg, not somewhere, and in the head office of Sberbank on the street Vavilov, was discovered a coffee shop that accepts Bitcoins.


The mobile coffee house Headquarters are located in the lobby of the building, a few weeks sells its products for cryptocurrencies. Entrepreneur and co-owner of the coffee shop Headquarters Timofei Kulikov said that the Russian legislation does not ban the purchase of Bitcoins by individuals. If you want to pay for an order in cryptocurrency, you should  transfer a sum to a virtual wallet. After that, the operating system will transfer Bitcoins paid amount in rubles.


The Sberbank’s press service said that the coffee shop Headquarters of Timofei Kulikov has no relation to  Sberbank.


It also explained that the purchase of products in the coffee house for Bitcoins can be equated to the purchase, carried out in rubles, as a result  Bitcoins are changed in rubles for the implementation of accounting.


In turn, the bank considers this situation as an ordinary marketing course. Timofei did not say why was chosen such a “hot” place, so we have to agree with this version.


The regulating cryptocurrency operation bill may be introduced by the new consist of the Duma this autumn. There is no accurate information about the content of the new version of the bill at this moment.